The Best Juicer for Raw & Living Foods – The Omega 8004 or Green Star Elite GSE-5000

What we are going to go overtoday is one very important question that I get a lot actually.

I know that you have many juicers available, but what is truly the best for somebody intoliving and raw foods diet?

I have been living on, living-in-raw foods diet since 1995 and I have had, during, time to time, an opportunity to play with a lot of differentjuicers that are available on the market to determine which is, truly the best for somebodyon the living and raw foods diet? Number one because I live it and I know the needs ofsomebody on a living and raw foods diet.

So you know, there are many kinds of juicerssuch as Centrifugal juicers which mainly just juice, they don’t do the multi-purpose functions,and you know, so those aren’t too good for somebody on living and raw food diet.

Anotherkind of juicers maybe the [00:01:06] Champion juicers or a masticating juicer, now thatmaybe pretty good, you know, for somebody on a living and raw foods because it willalso homogenize and make banana ice-cream or banana sorbet and actually does it quitewell because when you are making banana sorbet in the champion, it actually fluffs it upand makes it nice and fluffy, the reason why it does that is because it adds extra airwhen you are processing the bananas, so many people like that texture of an ice-cream butthe negative thing is when you are juicing with the champion, it also adds the air toyour juice, which causes oxidation, which actually, you know, lessens the nutrient qualityin the juice.

In addition, the champion is not super-effective at leafy greens and noteffective at all at juicing wheatgrass without the producing an additional attachment thatis available.

So for those reasons of all the juicers that i have tried, these two modelsare the juicers that I would recommend for somebody on a living and raw foods diet andlet me go ahead and introduce them.

On this side, we have the Green Star Elitejuicer, the GSE-5000; this is the latest revision in the Green star or the Green Power juicers.

So the green power juicers recently came out in the 1990’s, that was the twin gear juicer,and since that time they have made green star 1000, green star 2000 and green star 3000,and just recently they came out with this model, the Green Star Elite 5000, and thistruly is the best of all those different models.

I have other videos on that if you want tocheck it out.

Over on this side, we have the Omega 8004 nutrition center.

The Omega 8004nutrition center is identical to the omega 8006 nutrition center except for the color.

So the Omega 8006, it has a nice chrome plated finish and once again it’s not stainless steel,it looks like stainless steel, on the Omega 8006, it’s chrome plated but it’s chrome platedplastic and it has black accents instead of white accents.

For that you are going to paya bit more money but otherwise all the specifications, the model and everything else, is the sameexcept for the color.

So don’t forget that.

So, why do I choose these two machines forsomebody on a living and raw foods diet that is for one very simple reason, because thesemachines will juice leafy green vegetables, especially the dark leafy green vegetablesvery well, for example, things like chao, collards, chards, even things like sprouts,sunflower green sprouts, wheatgrass, other things like that.

Both these juicers willdo that and i know the question you are asking is “John, which one does it better?” Wellhold your horses, because we will get to that in a little bit but juicing greens is probablythe most important thing I have learned over all these years of being into living and rawfoods diet that you should be consuming.

Greens have lots of basically micronutrients, thatare so good i mean, the research have shown broccoli sprout and even compounds in broccoliitself can help to fight cancer and things like that.

So all the green vegetables andI encourage you to eat a variety of green vegetables so don’t just always juice spinach,juice some broccoli green, juice some cauliflower greens, now I didn’t say cauliflower broth,i said cauliflower greens because those are also juiceable and you know, but you don’toften find them unless you are growing them yourself or at a farmer’s market.

You know,you want to juice all the obscure greens that sometimes are hard to find such as Miner’slettuce and even things like chickweed and stinging nettles are so good to juice.

Butall the dark leafy greens, as wider variety as you can, and these machines will juiceleafy greens the best and that’s really the main thing about a living and raw food, thatyou want to juice the greens above all else and these two do it very well.

So besidesjuicing leafy greens, another reason why I like these machines is because it has multi-functionfeatures, so what that allows you to do is homogenize bananas into banana ice cream whichis a 100% banana so more probably it’s called banana sorbet but people into raw foods callit banana ice cream.

You really, you just take ripe bananas, you peel them and thenyou have a peeled banana, you put it under the zip lock bag or Pyrex glass containerin your freezer, You will freeze them and then on a hot summer day, nothing better thanthis on a hot summer day, you are going to take them out, put them one at a time throughthe machine and you are going to put it in with the blank plate so this is called theblank plate or the solid plate.

This is the one for the Omega 8004 and 8006 and this isthe on the green star elite juice.

They are both solid, so they don’t actually make anyjuice, they just homogenize or crush everything up and they do a great job at that, so boththese machines work very similar when they are homogenizing, they just crush things up,you could also grind things like coffee and make nut butters which is another popularuse.

While these machines are very powerful and will grind up the nuts, if you are usingpeanuts, you will get a nut butter because in roasted peanuts you have a high enoughoil content that comes out, so it sticks together but in many raw nuts including things likeraw almonds, you will put those through and you will say ‘John, Where is the nut butter?'(Laughs) and you are going to get a nut flower though, the reason for that is because inraw almonds and many raw nuts, the oil content isn’t high enough so that you can make butterbecause what causes the butter is the oil content coming out to help it all stick together.

So in that case, what you could do is basically take the almond meal that you have made andthen actually feed it through the juicer a couple more times and it will start to congeala little bit but it’s never going to look like the stuff you buy at the store.

You couldalso take some almond oil and add that to your almond meal, and then it will actuallystart to stick together, so that’s another option.

Another thing people do is that theysoak their nuts and put it through and if you put soaked almonds through then it hasa higher moisture content, not necessarily oil content, so it’ll all stick together butit’s not going to be like a butter because it’s not going to have that rich oily textureplus if you add the water, and do the soak nut thing, then you got to use that stuffwithin a few days, otherwise it can go bad.

When you do just the dry nut, nuts with theoil, there is no moisture, so it won’t mold like that, so in any case, these machinesallow you to homogenize too, which i think is very important factor, you know, in choosinga juicer in raw foods because it’s very important that I have learned over the years in rawfoods is to change the texture of the foods because then they actually taste better andactually, in the case of the juicers where you are separating the fibers from the juice,you are going to get more nutrition then juice from the point of homogenizing just differentvegetables, say you don’t want to chew your food like you are supposed to chew your foodfifty times every mouthful, you could just use the blank plate in either of these machines,put all the food that you are going to eat like for yourself, just put it through themachine and let it all crush it up so it’s literally like a mush, i mean that actuallythat is a baby food and both these machines will do that, so you can actually eat babyfood and you are going to get better digestion by using these machines to do that.

So that’sreally cool that these machines allow to do that, get a better digestion from your foodsby using the blank plates, so that’s another very important factor when choosing a juicerand both these machines allow you to do just that.

So we have already determined that thesemachines are the best for somebody into living and raw foods because number one want juiceleafy green is the best, number two they will homogenize and make things like banana icecream and actually you know, you could use other fruits besides bananas.

Ah man I havehad like some frozen pineapples, frozen mangoes through there and i am going to tell you thatmy favorite is frozen jackfruit through here and for those of you that have had jackfruit;you will know what i mean.

Jackfruit tastes like Wrigley’s juicy fruit gum.

So ah manthat is just out of this world to make.

100% frozen jackfruit through here.

Now frozenjackfruit may be available in Asian market near you, it is actually rather hard to find.

In any case the next thing we are going to talk about is the differences between thesemachines.

Both these machine run on a low RPM and will do similar functions, well what’sthe main difference, is the first main difference is the price.

This machine on this side, thegreen star elite is probably about double the price of the Omega 8004 so price is thefactor and you are on a budget, you might want to go with this one.

The next factorbesides the price is the warranty so the green star elite has a full five year warranty andover on this side omega 8004 also the 8006 which is same as this model.

Once again onlythe color is different.

It has a fifteen year warranty that is three times the warrantyon the green star elite so for fifteen years of anything should break due to manufacturesdefect it will be replaced under warranty at no cost to you so remember it five tenyears later the screen breaks, the blank breaks call omega and they’ll be around.

They’vebeen actually around longer than the tribest company that is making a green star elitejuicer they will be around to send you a new part so you could continue on juicing andleading your healthy life style.

The juicer in my opinion is a very important part ofsomebody on or off raw foods that well you don’t need it , it’s not critical it can bevery beneficial and I would encourage everybody to get a juicer because you it just breaksup the produce so we can assimilate the nutrition in the produce much more effectively.

So,besides the price and the warranty number three that’s pretty big is the cleaning.

So,to get in the cleaning and all that stuff lets go ahead and do it and assembly and disassemblyto show you the parts that are involved, how each machine works and you know, how easyit is to clean? So over here, we will go with the Omega 8004 machine, next we have a funnelpiece here, easy to take off and you know just clean up or actually you don’t have touse it, it makes things feeding in to the shoot a little bit easier, both machines havea pusher that i did bring out today and also both machines, you know the green star elitecomes with a glass collection, cup and a strainer and the Omega 8004 comes with a two plasticpitchers and also a strainer to strain your juice to make sure the you get a virtuallypulp free juice which you know maybe a concern to you, you can drink the pulp in the juice,it’s not a big deal but some people like a pulp free juice.

Next on the Omega 8004, wehave the end cap, and that’s this piece right here, just one single piece comes off onceagain this is really easy to clean, Normally I blast the hot water on the sink and takea scrub brush and scrub this out and all the pulp this lodges fairly easily off this, alsoboth these machines come with a handy dandy cleaning brush, meant specifically for cleaningthe screen which is the part coming out next.

So this is the juicing screen on the Omega8004 machine, you could see here the stainless steel juicing screen here and that’s stagenumber two, stage number one is this screen.

So as a produce comes down on the initialcrush, that’s a juicing stage number one where the juice is expelled and then the pulp getsmoved along and crushed up more, then the more juice comes out here then the pulp finallycomes out the end.

Next we have the auger on the Omega 8004 nutrition center; this isan auger that’s made out of GE Ultem Material, 8 times harder than other augers on othermachines.

So that’s why I like the Omega 8004 for the 8 times harder auger.

Now I did find,with an ex-girlfriend, I found out a way that you can actually damage one of these becausethese are really strong, you put this in the dishwasher on the bottom shelf and it actuallyfalls through the bottom and if it lands on that heating coil, this will melt.


She did that.

So don’t do that and actually talking about dishwashing, while these machinescan be dish washed, of course all the parts that come apart, i don’t recommend dishwashingyour juicer, juicer’s part because you know, they can get damaged and once they get damaged,those will not be covered under warranty.

If you do choose to use your parts under dishwasher,you want to put them on the top shelf with no heat, that’s the best recommendation Icould give.

But once again when cleaning your juicers, the big tip i could give is onceyou are done juicing, immediately after you are done juicing, wash the juicer off, Basicallyall the carotenoids, all the colors in the produce won’t have time to sit and stain thejuicer plus everything would be a little bit more softer because you are just done juicingand all the liquid is still fresh and it’s not starting to dry up and cake on.

So here’sthe auger, the next part to clean on the Omega 8004 very simply is the main body housing,this piece once again is very simple, very easy to clean, once again, i just blast waterthrough here and put a brush through there and you are cleaned up, so let’s count theparts to clean, there is a one funnel that’s part number one, one end cap part number two,the main body part number 3, the auger part number 4 and the juicing screen part number5, so there is five parts to clean on the Omega 8004 juicer.

So next let’s go aheadand go over the green star elite juicer and go over the parts that you’ll need to cleanon that.

First you have the main body cover that comes off, this has a built in safetyswitch that only will allow the juicer to come on if it’s properly assembled.

Next youhave two snaps, one on either side, that you just snap off, then you get this main housingright here and on this main housing, you have what’s called an outlet adjusting knob andthat’s the part i am twisting off right now and you could see that there has a springon it and this spring, what this does is keeps tension on the produce to keep it in thereso that you get higher yields and on this machine there is no outlet adjustment knob,it just basically is preset and just comes out at the inner volt determined by the factoryto obtain the highest yield.

So once again that is two parts right here.

Next we havethe juicing screen, so you could see here the juicing screen has a lot of more screenarea than the Omega 8004, so more screen area equals longer cleaning time and because thescreen area is absolutely the hardest part to clean on any juice machine, because pulpwill get stuck in the screen, you will have to sit there and scrub it on the outside,scrub it on the inside and that’s why I like the 8004 screen, it is very minimal surfacearea on the screen so once again, here is the screen.

Next you’ll have two twin gears,now on these twin gears , they are nice and long, these are the longest twin gears forthe green star juices and this is a three staged juicer so the first stage just is thecrushing stage when the produce goes in there and this basically works like you know gearsin the transmission of a car for the guys who have seen that, basically you are feedingthe produce in here and if you are feeding leafy greens in, it literally gets suckedin and it literally gets squeezed between the gears.

So as it squeeze, then the producegets goes down the gears to the next stage which is this section right here, this iscalled the mixing rubbing stage, when whatever has been in the juicer is now rubbed or mixedtogether and finally this section of the gears is the juicing or pressing stage where thejuice is going to be pressed out of the juicer so once again I’ll put those down and nextyou have the body of the juicer here, the housing on the green star elite juicer, solet’s go ahead and count all the parts that you need to clean on the green star elitejuicer.

once again we have the housing here, part 1, this part 2, 3, 4,5, 6, and 7 parts,so there are 7 parts so that’s two extra parts to clean on the green star elite juicer thanthe Omega 8004 juice.

So next I am going to show you how to assemble both these machinesand how easy it is to, it is it really is simple, but with the green star elite youdo need to pay some attention to when assembling.

So first I am going to grab the two twin gearsand on each of these gears, this gear has two dots if you see that, I don’t know ifyou could see that on the camera, this gear has one dot, and you want to form a triangleout of the dots because these gears are meant to line up in a certain way, now if you justput the gears together in any particular way, they may not be lined up and you know, yourmachine is not going to work properly and you can damage these gears and these gearsare actually quite expensive to replace.

So we are going to line up these gears and makethe triangle, then we could take these gears and put it into the machine just like thatthey kind of rotate in there, then you are going to put the body housing on there, thisjust slides all the way back, you are going to put the juicing screen on that goes invery simply just put the juicing screen on like that so next you are going to go aheadand take this housing and you are going to want to make sure that you put the outletadjusting knob in there, so this outlet adjusting knob has a white tip, they also have anotheroption available called the fruit attachment and for a limited time discountusers is includingthe free attachment when you buy the green star elite juicer from us, the fruit attachmenthas a different color and cap, and it has a softer spring tension and what this allowsis this allows fruits or fruit that are softer, basically they push out of the machine, thisspring has a hard tension and it’s meant for juicing vegetables, so for juicing fruitswith this attachment, what will happen is the fruits will clog up and the machine willback up on you, so you really need to use the other attachment for optimal juicing whenyou juicing soft fruits and if you are juicing vegetables and fruits together such as appleswith carrots, then you use this attachment because the carrots will provide the hardfiber to push the pulp of the apples out.

So we are going to go ahead and screw thisone all the way in there, once you got that screwed in you just going to slide it on here,you going to latch this side, there is one latch so you got to latch this side just likethat then you take the top and put it on, no big deal, on the Omega 8004 nutrition center,very simple very easy, we are going to grab the main body housing on the top here, thereis a collar that says open and close, it’s going to be on open, you are going to putit in there, slide it over to close, next you going to take that auger and just putthat in the machine, slides into places, next you are going to take your juicing screen,put that in the machine, slides into place, next you are going to take your end cap, putthat on the machine, slides into place, and next put your funnel on there and you areall ready and assembled to go, so as you could see, it was much easier and quicker to assemblethe omega 8004 nutrition center, than the green star elite juicer.

So next let’s talkabout how user friendly both these machines are, So first we will talk about the Omega8004 nutrition center, basically this machine is you put it together, you plug it in, youturn it on, and you start juicing, there is a reverse on the machine in case anythingshould get clogged up and it should stop, you can hit the momentary reverse to backit up and then hit forward again to get the things back through but there are no settingsthat you need to set on the machine.

once again on the green star elite, they do havea forward and reverse on it but there is one thing that you may have to be concerned about,when juicing in the green star elite, so the thing you may want to be concerned about isright underneath this housing here and we just talked about it, that is the outlet adjustingknob, that’s this guy right here that screws all the way in.

Now a problem can arise ifyou trying to juice fruits, so once again you want to use the softer outlet adjustingknob and even sometimes, when juicing vegetables, this is one of those things like when youfirst rode a bike, you kind of have to figure out how the bike works, you didn’t fall over,same thing with this juicer, there is what’s called a learning curve and I have an excellentvideo on the learning curve of juicer so be sure to look that video up if you haven’talready seen it, but basically with this machine, you’ll have to put this all the way in andif things start backing up, you start seeing it come back up the shoot, then you got toloosen this off a little bit and you might have to you know, tighten it back up.

So thatcan’t be something to play with, so if you are like one of those no-hassle people, youjust don’t want the hassle, you don’t want to think about things, you know, this wouldbe the better machine on this one, the reason for this part one is to get a higher yieldso if you want a higher yield, then this might be the machine for you.

Another thing aboutusability is the way the machines get produce fed into them, On the Omega 8004 nutritioncenter, basically you’ll need to put the produce in there and then use the pusher, you know,to use gentle force to push the produce into the machine, something like leafy greens mightget stuck in the machine on their own or if you don’t want to use a pusher you chop everythingup into small cubes, feed it into the machine, then you won’t have to push things into thismachine.

Now on the green star elite juicer, if you are juicing leafy greens, they definitelyget sucked into the juicer, no problem at all, but if you want to juice something likecarrots, on carrots, you will have to put them in the machine and use the pusher anddefinitely use some downward strength to push them into the machine, and that can actuallyincrease the time it takes to juice because you are literally having to push the carrotsin between those two gears that are rolling around so if you are old, have arthritis,or aren’t that strong, you know, you might want to look at a different juicer than thegreen star elite.

So the Omega 8004 might be better in your situation.

So again on theusability, the cleaning factor is also usability issue, I would estimate the green star elitetakes probably about 3 times as long.

Now that may sound like it’s long but keep inmind, the Omega 8004, in my opinion is the easiest juicer in the world to clean, thismaybe takes me a minute and a half to clean.

I am rather fast, so it might take you undertwo minutes to clean, but this guy is probably going to take you about 3 times that, youknow, so from one and a half minutes to a four and a half, five minutes on this guy,you know and depending upon how fast you are and how efficient you are, when cleaning themachine.

Also on usability something I might want to mention too, is the weight of thesemachines, so this juicer is fairly heavy but this machine is even heavier, so that maymake a difference to you.

Another thing regarding usability is the size it takes up so oncewe put this top on here, you could see this machine, is significantly longer than thisguy so if you don’t have a lot of counter space, that might be a consideration for you,you could see here, this guy is definitely couple of inches longer and a little bit wideras well, this machine is a bit more compact.

So that will do it for user ability.

And nextthing we are going to talk about is juicing wheatgrass, so yes, both machines advertisethat they can juice wheatgrass, but one of them will actually juice wheatgrass more effectivelythan the other.

So I’ll come right out with it, Omega 8004 will more effectively juicewheatgrass, than the green star elite juicer, so if you want to juice a high percentageof wheatgrass, or a lot of wheatgrass, then this would definitely be the machine for you.

Why does this single auger style juicer juice wheatgrass more effectively than the twingear juicer was for one very simple reason, when ann wigmore originally commissioned themto make the first single auger style juicer for wheatgrass, the design was from a meatgrinder, yes, you heard that right, a meat grinder, so they basically took a meat grinderand modified it to have a single auger that was longer to juice specifically the wheatgrassand this juicer designs stems from that single auger design, that’s why it’s much more efficientin juicing wheatgrass, and will create less foam than the green star elite juicer.

Whatwe are talking about wheatgrass, we might as well talk about leafy greens, so if wantto juice straight up leafy greens with no other fruits or vegetables included, you knowand some people want to do that, i recommend when you are an advanced raw fooder, straightgreen juice can be very powerful, very detoxifying, and you know some people may get it sick,because it’s just too hard core for them and they are not ready for it.

So in most cases,I recommend if somebody starts with juicing, three quarters of the glass with other vegetablesand one quarter of the glass of leafy greens I have an excellent video on, you know creatingyour own basically green juice recipes and so check YouTube for that, that’s an excellentvideo as well to learn how to create your own leafy green vegetable juices you knowusing one of these two machines.

Basically the Omega 8004 in my test has yielded morejuice with less foam than the green star elite juicer.

Now once again, that being said, thisis when i am juicing straight up leafy green vegetables with no other fruits or vegetablesadded in.

That being said, if you want to juice a lot of carrots, or cucumbers, or celery,tables get turned on the omega 8004 and that’s where the green star elite is going to rule,because of the outlet adjusting knob on the green star elite, it basically extracts ahigher yield out of things like carrot, celery, cucumber, and apples than the Omega 8004.

So with every juicer there are pros and cons, and I am making this video so that you cansee and hear the pros and cons of each machine and decide which machine is best going tomeet your needs because that’s what it is all about, you know, I have over 200 videosnow on YouTube explaining the pros and cons of all the different style juicers on themarket so that you can make the best and most informed decision because that is my job toensure that you get a juicer that you not only buy but you will use it every singleday to make a positive impact on your health and build an extremely good health in thelong run.

So next let’s talk about how these machines juice fruits.

Now first before Italk about how these machines juice fruit, i have to give the disclaimer, that I believefruits are best even whole or blended in the blender and not necessarily juiced, the exceptionfor me would be apples in my green juices to give it a little bit of extra sweetnessand higher water content and make it taste better.

I may also juice some, a little bitof a citrus sometimes, like some lemon in my vegetable juice as well, which will actas a preservative because it has citric acid in there and also will give it like a littlebit of nice flavor as well.

But why do I say that fruit should be blended or eaten wholeand not juiced, is for one simple reason, it’s the fiber, all fruits contain fiber,when we eat the fruits with the fiber, the fiber acts to slow down the absorption ofsugar into our bloodstream.

Now of course any freshly made fruit juice in your juiceris way better than a pasteurized juice from a store and much better than you know a dietcoke or a soda that you would buy.

So you know it’s always in my opinion good betterbest.

If you are transitioning off diet soda’s or sodas and making fresh fruit juice, that’smuch better, you know I would definitely approve, but if you are hard core and if you want togo the furthest you can, than I would recommend blending up you fruits like with the vitamixor with the blendtip blender, check the other videos for comparison of those two machines,they are the best blenders on the market in my opinion.

You would blend those fruits upinstead of juicing but once again if you are at the level and the point in your life whereyou are just transitioning off coke and you are doing good to drink at fruit juices, heythat’s great, I rarely juice fruits, but I do do it sometimes, because it is nice andfun and when I have a lot of fruits to use up and you can’t eat it as fast, I’ll usuallyactually juice them, or actually blend them up.

So we have already covered how well thesejuicers yield on certain produce items, so overall, on the yield besides the leafy green,I’d definitely have to say that the green star elite is going to yield more, but besidesjust yield, it’s also about nutrient quality or which machine makes a higher nutrient quality?now to be upfront, I haven’t seen any specific studies that compare these two machines, youknow with a scientific lab analysis of the juices that are create but basically in thisindustry for a long time, I could definitely tell you my thoughts and my beliefs on thissubject, if I had to pick one of these two machines, that created a higher nutrient qualityjuice, I’d have to pick the green star elite juicer for a few reasons.

Number one is thatit has a three stage juicing, it basically emulates the Norwalk juicer and how a Norwalkjuicer would work and Norwalk, you know one of the highest quality juicers, and once againthose machine are like 2500$ sell, these are, this is like 1/10th the price of a Norwalkand this one’s much less as well, and you are going to get high quality juice but thegreen star elite juicer in my opinion, and from some of the reports produces the highquality juice, how much higher, well I don’t know exactly because I haven’t seen studiesbut maybe it’s that much higher, maybe it’s that much higher but it’s definitely higherso if you want to no hose bar with the highest quality juice, you don’t care about the cleaningtime that it’s going to take longer and you want the highest yield, guess what? This isthe machine for you.

And I am glad there are all different kinds of juicers because itgives you options.

So another reason why the green star elite juicer will have a high nutrientquality for two reasons because it incorporates some technologies to get the most out of theproduce, the most nutrients out of the produce, and it incorporates far infrareds and magneticsto pull more nutrients and that’s what they say, out of the produce.

Now the questionyou might ask me is hey John, does that stuff really work? Well, you know I have done someresearch and I believe it works and I have seen studies that show it works but some peopleare a little bit freaked out about magnetic and all this other stuff in their juice, wellyou know what the earth is magnetic, we are creatures of magnetics, and so i think it’sonly good but if you are concerned about magnetics and it might affect the juice in a negativeway, guess what then, you want to go with this machine, if you think all this stuffis cool, I mean they have braces that you wear with magnetics that are helping peoplewith arthritis and all this kind of stuff, so I don’t know, is it good or bad? Youdecide, I believe it’s probably good or at least not harmful which is actually very important.

So that’s why the green star elite probably basically makes a higher quality juice.

Anotherthing that can play a factor in the quality is the RPM’s or the revolutions per minute,that’s how fast the juicer runs, so the green star elite juicer 110 RPM’s and the Omega8004 juicer is rated at 80 RPM, so that’s definitely a slower RPM, so in that case,Omega will have the advantage but with the all the other technologies still, the greenstar elite comes out on top on the nutrition aspects.

So next let’s talk about total juicingtime, you know, say you are always busy, and late to work, and you know, you got to runto work but make you juice before you leave.

John, which juicer’s going to take me lesstime to juice and to clean? Well, it depends what you are juicing, if you are juicing straightup leaves, the green star elite is probably going to be faster because it literally sucksin the leaves, but if you start juicing things like carrots and apples, then you literallygot to press them into the juicer and it does take some downward force and it basicallychews off little pieces at a time whereas the Omega well it doesn’t chew off super hugepieces, it chews off a little bit bigger pieces, then you don’t need to put as much downwardforce plus the omega is going to take less time to clean.

So in that case, I’ll haveto give it to the Omega 8004 nutrition center.

If you want to save time and use the leastamount of time when juicing.

Another Question that often comes up for these machines are’Hey John, do these machines make raw pasta?’ (laughs) Well, I am sorry to say that machineswill not, let me repeat that, will NOT make raw pasta, the green star elite has a pastamaking attachment that you can buy separately, that’ll make a crooked pasta and basicallywhen i say that all you have to do is you have to premix the dough, put it through themachine and it will extrude the pasta out in the pasta shape.

That being said, the Omegawill also do that in here some of the pasta knobs or attachments, attached on to this.

Basically you could see the holes on this attachment and once again this basically extrudesgrain based pastas, once you make the dough and put it through, so doesn’t make the rawpasta.

If you want to make the raw pasta, we sell several appliances, I have severalvideos on that, look up spiral slicers or saladaco or Julian slicer, on the websiteunder the specialty goods, we have several machines that basically make long threadsor spaghetti like noodles out of hard firm vegetables such as the [00:33:26] catnips,Ok so lately one of my favorite things to do in the Omega juicer and actually the greenstar elite juicer, is to juice the mature coconut meat so if you juice the mature coconutmeat, you will basically get a coconut cream and boy, that stuff is out of this world,it’s really delicious, and really good and both of these machines will do that function.

The other thing that I have done is take that coconut meat and added 232 ounces of waterand blend it in the vitamix or blendtec blender, and then you could actually take that mixtureand pour through the machine and the machine will basically extract the coconut milk andleave you with the dry fiber, So I really like both these machines for doing that purpose,and in my tests, this machine, the green star elite juicer, is more effective and it getsa much drier pulp, than the omega 8004 nutrition center.

Another aspect when buying a juicerto consider is how much will I use that juicer? So if you are a type A personality, Okay I’lldo whatever that takes, i want the highest quality juice, I don’t mind the cleaning,then this guy might be your juicer, but if you are like the most of us, me included,you know, I own both these machines, and most of the time, this machine actually sits onthe shelf unless I am using it for some testing purposes, or I want to try it out and useit on something because this machine is not doing good for most of my time in the kitchen,I choose Omega 8004 nutrition center, that’s because i am a type A person but I am alsothe type B, you know, where something is really hard and complicated to clean and use, I amnot going to use it, You know I just like this because i can plug in, put my stuff in,it juices really easy, and it cleans really fast, so it’s not a detractant because evenif you buy the best juicer, what happens is you can buy the best juicer, but it sits onyour counter and then it’s not doing you or me a favor, because I didn’t do my job toget you the juicer that you are going to use the most, because using your juicer the most,is the most important thing you can do in a raw and living foods diet, in my opinion.

So my pick overall, is the Omega 8004 nutrition center, or 8006 nutrition center, just becauseof the overall ease of use, and it is catered towards what I juice in the juicer, I tendnot to juice a whole lot of carrots, I’ll juice some carrots sometimes, that don’t havea higher sugar content but most of my juices are green based juices so I’ll juice lotsof leafy greens from my garden, that’s usually part of the juice plus another part of thejuice, there is something like romaine hearts, cucumbers or celery, and maybe some apples,and both these machines, juices will do fine with that combination, but the easiest onefor me to use is the Omega 8004 nutrition center.

So hopefully, after watching thisepisode you have learned more about the omega 8004 nutrition center, which is the same asthe Omega 8006, just the color is different and the green star elite the GSE-5000 juicer.

Once again, this is John Kohler with discountjuicers.


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